Always eye catching and captivating — whether you’re seeing it for the 1st time or the 100th … just like your beloved dog!

Sweetie B Petwear takes designer dog clothing and luxe fashion to a whole new level. Our luxury pet wear boutique provides stunning dog accessories for all ages, breeds, sizes and colors. We understand that everyday dog necessities like coats, harnesses, collars & leashes need to be comfortable, safe and functional. Sweetie B Petwear's clothing is specifically designed for your dog's style but most importantly their comfort comfort.

All of our dog accessories range from XXS to XL and are meticulously designed to showcase every dog's unique beauty. From shimmering metallic dog collars and leashes, to faux leather harnesses and coats, Sweetie B Petwear's dog accessories are designed for everyday glam looks. Our luxury dog boutique will have your large and small dogs feeling comfortable and looking captivating

Pink Winter Dog Coat

Polar Posh Winter Puffer & Parka Jackets

Make an eye catching fashion statement with our Polar Posh Winter Dog Coats. Our designer metallic winter coats feature weatherproof and waterproof outer shell, versatile removable hood and lightweight polar fleece softpile lining to keep your dog warm and comfortable.

Leather Dog Harness

Biker Bling Harness Jackets

Take a joy ride in high style. Metallic faux leather harness jackets feature moisture wicking mesh lining to keep your dog dry and secure

Glam Dog Collars

Glitter Glam Collars & Leashes

All that glitters isn’t gold. Our sparkling luxury metallic thread is braided in 8 shimmering colors designed to look like real jewelry. These super lightweight, wearable collars & matching leashes are as captivating as they are comfortable.

Small Dog Boots

Stellar Step Booties

Complete your dog’s fashion statement with our metallic accented booties. Featuring non-skid rubber heels, moisture wicking mesh for warmer weather and fur lined fabrics for winter, these adorable booties are available in sizes XXS – L.

Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything...

Sweetie B is named in honour of Bailey, the beautiful butterfly dog who profoundly changed the way her rescuers see the world. Sweetie B products are created for all the sweet dogs that make the world more beautiful for us.