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The Sweetie B Story

Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything …

Papillon dog

That time came for us with our adoption of Bailey, a 5 year old papillon with drop ears called a Phalene. We heard she was a registered, retired breeder dog from champion blood lines, available from what we believed was a licensed breeder.

This “breeder’s” home was a secluded, desolate place where we heard the sounds of unseen barking dogs from near and far.

But the moment my reluctant husband laid eyes on her it was love at first sight. I was more hesitant because she barely acknowledged us. Back then, we had never heard of a puppy mill.

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How It All Started

Once we got her home, her emotional and physical wounds quickly became obvious. She had no socialization skills and didn’t make a sound. She was submissive and cowered from our touch. Days later, the vet explained that her entire mouth was horribly decayed beyond repair, nearly every one of her teeth were loose and would need to be removed if she were to have any chance to survive.

Following her spay and teeth removal surgeries we further learned that she had pyometria and had she not been spayed when she was, she’d likely have died within 2 weeks.

Fast forward 8 years and Bailey certainly found her voice and hasn’t stopped yapping since. She’s a toothless warrior whose pancreatitis means she’s on special food and medication for life. She is still skittish with anyone except us, but loves our other 3 dogs that she inspired us to rescue.

Bailey has profoundly changed the way we see the world. We’ve become passionate advocates for rescue and in her way, Bailey has led to the rescue of at least 6 other dogs among our relatives and friends.

Sweetie B Petwear is named for our beautiful Bailey, who I often call my Sweetie B. Like her, all products are beautiful inside and out, and are thoughtfully created for all the sweet dogs that make the world more beautiful for us.